Jess Chonowitsch is arguably the greatest living Danish pipe carver in the world. Every single pipe that leaves Jess’s hands will undoubtedly be one of the best pipes ever made in human history! Now that’s saying something! Jess Chonowitsch has been carving pipes for the past 30 years. He currently produces about 100 pipes a year and so they are incredibly hard to get ahold of as they rarely pop up anywhere. He began his piping career as most legendary Danish pipe carvers do, working for pennies as a pipe repairman. However, Jess’s history is also unique in that although he was lucky enough to work along side many of Denmark’s great pipe carvers, he is one of very few to study under Sixten Ivarsson. Jess and his father, Emil Chonowitsch, worked in Poul Rasmussen’s pipe factory. Here Jess learned the intricacies of pipes from all over the world. It was also here that Poul helped Jess start developing his carving skills. After Poul’s death, Jess began took a job at the W.O. Larsen pipe factory where he further developed his skills. But it just wasn’t enough! He soon found himself working alongside the legendary Sixten Ivarsson and it was under Sixtens guidance that Jess learned to use his creativity to really stand out amongst the other Danish carvers of the time! He studied under Sixten for about 2 years and ever since has been flourishing as an artist!
___ Ben Crasnean ©

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