J.T. Cooke is arguably America’s greatest pipe carver ever! It all goes back to the beginning, where he got his start. Jim began as a high-grade pipe repairman in the 80’s. This allowed him the unique opportunity to study in detail the creations of the greatest pipe carvers from around the world. Where as other carvers may learn or study under one legend here and there, Jim got a hands on lesson from every pipe he ever repaired. After several years as a pipe repairman, Jim went out on his own and began carving and developing his own style and technique. His attention to detail is clear in every single pipe he produces! He is known to spend and average of 40 hours per pipe, and damn does it show! From creating his own stem material rod stock from scratch, or using a top secret, never revealed, oil curing process, or using a secret 5 step sandblasting process to achieve the absolute best sandblast finish in the world, Jim Cooke goes above and beyond every standard ever set to insure the absolute best smoking experience. At the moment there is a 2 year waiting list if you would like to commission a custom ordered J.T. Cooke pipe.
___ Ben Crasnean ©

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