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Terms & Conditions / Info.

Any orders placed on this site must accept and adhere to all terms and conditions found on this page!






Tobacco sales are restricted to the continental US ONLY! Tobaccos can not be shipped outside of the US. Pipes and accessories are available for purchase and shipping worldwide!



I combine shipping on all purchases made within the same 2 days )unless you contact me ahead of time and make other arrangements with me personally). If multiple items are purchased, you WILL be charged individual shipping on each item but then I will refund you this additional shipping fee before I ship out your items.

Please allow around 2 days from handling time

Shipping on all items under $300 is $5.25 for flat rate domestic shipping and $25 for flat rate international shipping. Upon customer’s request, I can insure any purchase under $300 if you so wish.

All purchases over $300 WILL AUTOMATICALLY be insured domestically. Domestic insured flat rate boxes will be $15.

International packages are NOT AUTOMATICALLY insured and international insurance varies in price, so please contact me if you wish to insure your international package. Any international package over $400 will be shipped via USPS Trackable Express mail for $45.

International orders over $900 will be shipped via DHL Express Mail for $90. They are the fastest and safest international service in the world.

Customers can refuse insurance on any item items upon request and then a refund will be issued, but ONLY if a request is made to refuse insurance.

By making a purchase on this site you understand and agree that you as the customer (domestic or international) will take FULL responsibility for any package once it leaves my hands. If you do not request insurance on your item or if you refuse insurance on your item that is your choice. I am NOT liable to refund any money for a lost package if not insured. So I recommend paying the extra money and getting your packaged insured!


Unless otherwise stated, sale prices shown are only valid through the dates specified either on the site or in an email sent out by us.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! We do our utmost to insure that items are accurately described and shown for what they are. High resolution photos as well as high quality video is utilized to give you the most detailed view of each item possible. It is the consumers responsibility to analyze the listing information fully before purchase! Refunds WILL NOT be given because you “missed something” in the video or photos! Email me if you have any questions about a particular item of if you require more details or specifications.

Returns and refunds will be acceptable if we missed something on our end or made a mistake of some kind. However, returns will not be accepted if the issue in question was visible in the photos or the video.


All trades are dealt with via the trade department at Trades@PipeList.com

The standard procedure for trades after negotiations is; the customer, sends in your pipe first and upon receiving it, your pipe will be inspected and if it meets your description and is acceptable, only THEN will I send out the trade to you.

If the pipe sent do us is not deemed fit for the trade, then it will be sent back to you at your expense. An invoice for the return shipping will be sent to you and once payment is made your item will be returned to you.

A trade coupon will be issued after our negotiations. This coupon must be printed out and placed inside the box containing the pipe you are sending me.


I now offer a LAYAWAY program for all my friends out there who want to purchase a pipe but want to spread out their payment over several installments.

With this option, you must contact me at Ben@PipeList.com before you make your purchase and let me know that your interested in the layaway program, and we can agree on the terms of the payments.

Usually I take half the total as the first payment and then we can break up the rest of the total up into a maximum of to 2 more installments.

I will hold onto the pipe until full payment is made and after full payment is completed I will ship out the pipe.



If you have EVER made a purchase with us before please feel free to leave us some feedback!

To leave a feedback please click on the TESTIMONIALS button in the top menu and leave us your thoughts. Please remember to include the pipe you purchased in your message.

Positive, Neutral, and Negative Feedback is all welcomed.

If you are leaving a negative feedback please make sure you explain exactly what displeased you about your purchase.



My pictures and videos are  high quality and detailed. Please examine all listing information thoroughly before purchasing because returns are NOT ACCEPTED. Contact me if you need more info or specifications on any item.

Unless otherwise stated, all my pipes are USED but in GOOD condition. I generally ream my bowls all the way back down to the original wood. I then use a special process involving alcohol to suck out as much of the old tobacco flavors from the inside of the bowls as possible. However its rare that the inside of the bowls will ever be fully tasteless, so expect a slight hint of ghost-flavor or even a slight alcohol sent on your first smoke (after your first smoke you should never again sense these ghostly scents). The stems ARE sanitized and cleaned thoroughly. Although the stems might not have tooth marks, remember these pipes are used and will naturally have small SCUFF marks on the bowls and stems; so don’t be surprised if your stem, or bowl, has scuff marks on it. Please thoroughly analyze the photos and video before purchase.

All pipes are finally waxed and buffed for presentation.

My pipes are photographed in such a way to accentuate the wood grain and show details (even imperfections) otherwise invisible in normal photos. I photograph in a professional studio environment to get the best pictures possible. Due to the intense lighting involved in my photography process, the woods’ colors tend to be enhances beyond what the pipe might look like under normal sunlight and in normal conditions. In short, DON’T expect your pipe to look EXACTLY like it does in my photos. Again, under the proper lighting, your pipe can look as it does in my photos, but I doubt you’ll ever encounter such intense lighting while smoking your pipe.

Because I clean my bowls out all the way down to the wood, your pretty much smoking the equivalent of a new pipe. So to easy the breaking in process, I started coating some of the walls of some pipe bowl with a thin charcoal lining which should really help the breaking in process; as apposed to if the inside bowl was just bare wood. So if your pipe comes with a charcoal lining or ‘cake’ its a lining that I myself put in not one that was left over from a previous owner. The lining I put in is made with completely sanitary charcoal powder and water, so it is not harmful or unclean by any means.


Mailing List

Anyone who will or has purchased a pipe from me will have their personal email addresses added to our mailing list so that we can inform them of any new pipes listings or of any special deals or discounts being offered. If you want your email address to be omitted from our emailing list just send me a message at Ben@PipList.com and let me know that you no longer want to receive updates from the site. Or in any of the emails you receive, you can click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page.