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I will be more then happy to talk to you about any pipes that you would like to trade for either store credit or just straight up for any pipe on the site. Email us at Trades@PipeList.com with your proposals. Please be ready to send me photos of your pipes and a brief description of the pieces in question.

The standard procedure for trades after negotiations is; the customer, sends in your pipe first and upon receiving it, your pipe will be inspected and if it meets your description and is acceptable, only THEN will I send out the trade to you.

If the pipe sent do us is not deemed fit for the trade, then it will be sent back to you at your expense. An invoice for the return shipping will be sent to you and once payment is made your item will be returned to you.

A trade coupon will be issued after our negotiations. This coupon must be printed out and placed inside the box containing the pipe you are sending me.


I now offer a LAYAWAY program for all my friends out there who want to purchase a pipe but want to spread out their payment over several installments.

With this option, you must contact me at Ben@PipeList.com before you make your purchase and let me know that your interested in the layaway program, and we can agree on the terms of the payments.

Usually I take half the total as the first payment and then we can break up the rest of the total up into a maximum of to 2 more installments.

I will hold onto the pipe until full payment is made and after full payment is completed I will ship out the pipe.

If at any point you decide to stop making payments. You must contact me to inform me that you no longer want the item and a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from payments already made. The remainder of the money sent to us will be refunded back to the customer.